Forum on Tracking Detector Mechanics 2015

Forum on Tracking Detector Mechanics, Amsterdam 15—17 June 2015

forumposterA meeting to discuss issues of engineering and integration for present and future tracking systems, in the Turing Conference room at the Science Park Amsterdam.


  • Mechanical design, advanced materials and construction technologies
  • Thermal management, cooling and bake-out
  • Humidity control, monitoring and sealing
  • Installation, integration, disassembly and transportation
  • Stability, alignment and adjustment systems
  • Quality control, failure and service mangement
  • Radiation effects on materials and handling of irriadiated structures
  • Structural and vibration analyses

Organising Committee Local Organising Committee
Frank Raphael Cadoux Joan Berger
Andrea Catinaccio Eric Hennes
Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi Kees Huyser
Corrado Gargiulo Macro Kraan
Claire Gibon Bart Verlaat
Sebastien Michal Rob Walet
Andreas Mussgiller Patrick Werneke
Antti Onnela  
Paolo Petagna  
Hans Postema  
Burkhard Schmidt  
Paola Tropea  
Bart Verlaat  
Georg Viehhauser  
Patrick Werneke  

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